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5 April 2013

Rib Fractures

Arnes Grbesic BIRN Doboj
During the continuation of the trial of brothers Esad and Dervis Cavalic, who are charged with crimes in Derventa, court expert Ljubormir Curkic says that the fractures to the ribs that were noticed on the remains of Blagoje Djuras, who was killed in 1992, could have been caused prior or after his death.
Court expert Curkic responded to Defence’s questions, because the Defence attorneys of the indictees had not received his findings prior to the previous hearing at which he was examined as a Doboj District Prosecution witness.
Responding to questions by Miodrag Stojanovic, Defence attorney of indictee Dervis Cavalic, Curkic said that, on the basis of court-medical documentation pertaining to the skeletal remains of Blagoje Djuras, which were exhumed in 2003, he “cannot confirm whether the multiple rib fractures happened prior or after his death”.
When asked whether the injures could have been caused by another persons’ actions, Curkic answered affirmatively.
“Rib fractures are severe bodily injuries that can lead to injuries of lungs, heart and a series of other complications,” Curkic said.
According to the Doboj District Prosecution’s charges, Esad and Dervis Cavalic, former “members of the Croatian Defence Council, tortured and treated civilians in detention camps in the Yugoslav National Army, JNA Center in Derventa and Rabic military hangars, near Derventa, in an inhumane manner in the period from April to June 1992”.
Among other things, the indictment alleges that the indictees beat one of the detainees with their legs and hands in the JNA Centre in Derventa on April 26, 1992. The detainee was slaughtered in the same room by other HVO members later on.
The trial is due to continue on May 21.
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