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26 March 2013

More Than 1,700 Meals Prepared

Admir Muslimovic BIRN Tuzla
As the trial before Tuzla Cantonal Court continues, defence witnesses testified that there was no harassment or mistreatment of detained members of the Tinja Territorial Defence in Smoluca prison (Lukavac Municipality), noting that they were detained in a room that met the requirements in line with available capacities.
Defence witness Ljuban Iljic, noted that the prisoners received exactly the same food that was given to the members of Army of Republika Srpska

“Over the course of about ten days in June 1992, several members of Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina were detained. They were provided with exactly the same food as the members of Army of RS. 1,700 meals a day were prepared and everyone shared the same food," Iljic stated.
He denied the mistreatment and beating up of war prisoners.
Tuzla Cantonal Prosecution charged Milorad Cijanovic (also known as Micko) Milorad Cvijanovic, son of Milan, Svetomir Ilic and Vaso Ilic with crimes against prisoners in Lukavac Municipality in June and July 1992.
Defence witness Marinko Blagic, denied the earlier allegations of a former prisoner, Edin Malkc, who testified before the court that he had been ordered to take his shirt off, after which a group of RS Army soldiers beat him unconscious.
“I saw Malkic's capture because I was at the separation line at the time. He was wounded. I claim under full responsibility that he was not beaten up and that nobody ordered him to take his uniform off,” Blagic stated.
Witness Jovo Krsmanovic denied Hazim Zukic's allegations that he entered an improvised prison camp and threatened to kill him. He also pointed out that during war operations he never went to the said prison camp.
The next hearing is tentatively scheduled for 20 May due to other engagements of defence lawyer Miodrag Stojanovic in the ICTY.
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