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5 April 2013

Marko Milos's Plea Hearing Postponed

Arnes Grbesic BIRN BiH Doboj
The District Court in Doboj postpones a plea hearing in the case of Marko Milos, who is charged with crimes against civilians in Odzak and Bosanski Brod, because the indictee failed to appear in court.
His ex-officio Defence attorney Goran Neskovic did not appear at this hearing either.

“The delivery of the summons sent via the Ministry of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina has not been confirmed. We can therefore not undertake other measures,” preliminary hearing judge Dusko Ninkovic said.

Ninkovic said that the District Court would send an invitation to the next hearing to the indictee’s address in Slavonski Brod, as well as the address in the vicinity of Crikvenica, where the indictee allegedly stays occasionally.

Marko Milos, former member of military police with the 108th Slavonski Brod Brigade of the Croatian Army, is charged with having physically and mentally abused detained civilians in Odzak and Bosanski Brod from May to September 1992.

Among other things, Milos is charged with having taken a female person from a summer house in Brodsko brdo, near Slavonski brod, where an improvised prison for civilians was located, and raped her on several occasions in May 1992.

The next hearing has been scheduled for October 11.
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