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7 March 2013

Indictee in Nahorevo

Selma Ucanbarlic BIRN BiH Sarajevo

Testifying at the trial for crimes in Sarajevo, a Defence witness says that he saw indictee Goran Saric in front of the Local Community building in Nahorevo and Jagomir in 1992.

Protected witness S-2 told the Court that Nahorevo was attacked in 1992 and that all local residents were invited to go to Nahorevska brda after that. The witness then went to the local community building, where he saw the indictee.

“He introduced himself by saying: ‘My name is Goran Saric. I will be here’,” the witness said, adding that he thought that Saric was Commander of the Police.

Saric, former Chief of the Public Safety Station in the Serb municipality of Centar, is charged with having ordered all male residents of Nahorevo to gather in front of the Local Community building on June 19, 1992. About 100 Bosniaks were then taken away and detained in Jagomir hospital. A group of 11 prisoners was later killed at Skakavac.

According to the charges, Saric ordered the remaining non-Serb residents to surrender. About 200 women, children and the elderly were then forcibly transferred to territories controlled by the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, ABiH.

S-2 told the Court that local residents, who gathered in front of the Local Community building, later went back home, adding that men were then ordered to come back to the Local Community building again.

He said that the men were transported by trucks to Jagomir, where they stayed for two days. As he said, he saw Saric upon leaving Jagomir.

“I saw him in Jagomir, when they were reading the lists of people who would go to Sarajevo and those who would be transported to ‘Sonja’. I know that, on that occasion, Sakib Pandzic begged him to enable his son to go to Sarajevo,” the witness said.

S-2 told the Court that, prior to having been taken to Jagomir, he witnessed the taking away of Djulaga Pandzic.

Witness Munib Gljiva spoke about the attack on Nahorevo too. He said that the shooting began on June 12 or 13, 1992, adding that he was taken to several different locations, along with 17 other people, and that they were supposed to be killed, but some local residents saved them.

“They told us that a meeting would be held and that all male residents had to come. We then went to Jagomir, but I stayed there for five minutes only. A man from Serbia rescued me and took me back home,” said Gljiva, who left Nahorevo with women and children.

He said that he used to see Saric with “Ibrica and Djulaga” before the war and that he thought that he worked at the Police Station in Centar.

The trial is due to continue on March 18.

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