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7 December 2007

New Vogosca Indictment

The Prosecution submits one more indictment for crimes committed in Vogosca to the Court of BiH for confirmation.
The War Crimes Section of the Prosecution of BiH has filed an indictment against Mladen Milanovic (born in 1958) and sent it to the Court of BiH for confirmation.

The indictment charges Milanovic, as former member of the Serbian Republic of BiH forces, with allegedly having committed crimes on the territory of Vogosca municipality in Sarajevo in 1992.

The indictment alleges that Milanovic was a guard in the "Bunker" detention camp in Semizovac, where he allegedly beat detained civilians and helped members of the Serbian paramilitary formations enter the camp and maltreat the detainees.

The Prosecution charges Milanovic with having committed war crimes against civilians.

He was arrested on July 27 this year, when he came to BiH to waive his Bosnian citizenship, as part of the process to obtain citizenship of Austria, where he has lived since the end of the war.

Up to now, the Court of BiH has pronounced one verdict for crimes committed in detention camps established in Vogosca municipality.

By that verdict, Dragan Damjanovic was sentenced to 20 years' imprisonment. Momcilo Mandic, former Minister of Justice of the Serbian Republic of BiH, was also charged with the establishment of detention camps and maltreatment of prisoners. However, Mandic was acquitted of the charges by a first instance verdict.
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