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8 October 2015

New Judge at Jasmin Sehagic Trial

Dzenana Sivac BIRN BiH Zenica
The cantonal court of Zenica has postponed the Jasmin Sehagic trial due to changes in the composition of the trial chamber.
The prosecution and Sehagic’s defense agreed to continue the trial with a new trial chamber member. The next hearing will be postponed for a month in order for the new judge to become acquainted with the case.

Segahic, the former manager of a detention facility in the old directorate building of the Kakanj coal mine, has been charged with participating in the torture of Croat detainees. According to the indictment, Segahic failed to undertake necessary and reasonable measures to prevent the torture and report the perpetrators to his superiors.

Fadil Imamovic was expected to testify at today’s hearing in favour of the defense, but failed to appear in court due to his poor health. Sehagic’s defense attorney, Vlado Adamovic, insisted on examining Imamovic. The cantonal prosecution proposed an expert examination of Imamovic’s health.

The defense gave up on examining witness Ilija Raguz, who had previously stated that he was detained in Kakanj and that Sehagic was a fair man.

Sehagic’s trial began in April 2013.

The trial continues on November 16.
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