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21 October 2014

Muslims are guilty for war at Foca

Denis Dzidic BIRN BiH Sarajevo

Wartime president of the executive council of Foca municipality said, at Ratko Mladic trial, that Muslim are to blame for outbreak of war in the city. 

Testifying in defence of Ratko Mladic trial to the Hague tribunal, Radojica Mladjenovic said that the political representatives of Muslims at Foca did not agree to implement the agreement in April 1992, which could preserve peace on municipality area. 

„Muslim side started first with opperations in the city and their representatives didn’t want to say whether they give up or accept the deal, and then actions intensified“, Mladjenovic said, stating that Muslims were also shooting on a church at Foca. 

According to witness, Muslims left Foca on their own will, going with their leadership and seeing that their army would be defeated. 

“After that, Executive Comitee recommended the sealing of all Serbian and Muslim dwelings and that police and military police monitors that”, Mladjenovic said. 

Answering on cross-examination of the Prosecutor, Mladjenovic said that he heard in May and June 1992 that Muslim were kept in the premises of the Penal and Correction Facility (KPZ) in Foca. 

“I guess they were held against their will. I think the investigation was carried out in those months to question if they had weapons and were they engaged in business of obtaining weapons. In first period, shorter one, when investigations were conducted, I think that Facility was under control by local military structure of the Territorial Defence and was later taken over by the Ministry of Justice,” Mladjenovic testified. 

Mladjenovic said that he never entered at KPZ Foca, but that he later heard about harrastment of people. „Only thing that I could not understand in those statements are stats that people were beaten with basball bats, because it’s not possible that there were those kind of bats in Foca“, he added. 

On Prosecutors question were all non-Serbs exiled from Foca municipality area and that name of the city was changed to Srbinje to reflect new situation could, the witness answered that was not true and that some Muslims and Croats remained, and that he was not for changing the name of the city. 

Mlađenović je svjedočio na suđenju bivšem komandantu Vojske Republike Srpske Ratku Mladiću koji je optužen za progon nesrba s opština pod srpskom kontrolom, među kojima je i Foča. Mladić je optužen i za genocid, terorisanje građana Sarajeva i uzimanje pripadnika UNPROFOR-a za taoce. 

Na ovom ročištu je Mladićeva Odbrana počela s ispitivanjem Tomislava Savkića, koji je 1993. bio komandant 1. pješadijskog batlajona VRS-a u Milićima, a zatim predsjednik Skupštine opštine Milići.

Savkić je rekao da je u aprilu 1992. došlo do sporazuma između srpskih i muslimanskih političara o podjeli opštine Vlasenica, te da je to urađeno „za dobrobit cijelog naroda, obzirom da su tada tenzije bile takve da su se nosili revolveri“.

Suđenje Mladiću se nastavlja u srijedu, 22. oktobra.

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