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20 November 2014

Mistaken Identity of Indira Kameric

Albina Sorguc BIRN BiH Sarajevo
At the trial of Indira Kameric, who is charged with crimes in Bosanski Brod, the Defence presents several documents, trying to prove that the indictee worked with the municipality during 1992 and that the indictee’s identity has been mixed-up in this case.
The presented evidence included an official note by the Security Services Center in Banja Luka dated October 27, 1992 referring to “so-called members of Ustasha formations” from the Bosanski Brod area, mentioning, among others, an Indira Losic aged 30.
“By this piece of evidence we are proving that the indictee’s identity was mixed-up,” said Lejla Covic, presenting one of 15 pieces of material evidence, which were included in the case file.  

The Prosecution objected to relevance of this piece of evidence.  

Besides that, the Defence presented, as material evidence, the indictee’s work records.  

“This document is relevant, because it proves that the indictee was employed by the Bosanski Brod municipality in the incriminated period of time,” Covic said.  

Indira Kameric is charged, as former member of the 101st Bosanski Brod Brigade of the Croatian Defence Council, HVO, with having participated in the physical and mental torture and inhumane treatment of Serb and Bosniak civilians and prisoners of war in the Police premises and at the “Polet” stadium in Bosanski Brod from April to October 1992.

The Defence presented documents, indicating that, in April 1992 Indira Vrbanjac was appointed President of the Commission for listing and sealing abandoned apartments. The Prosecution previously presented evidence, confirming that Indira Kameric’s maiden name was Vrbanjac.

The Prosecution found these pieces of evidence, just like statements by Prosecution witnesses given to investigative bodies, undisputable.

The trial is due to continue on December 4.

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