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29 October 2014

Merging Case against Demirovic Proposed

Emina Dizdarevic BIRN BiH Sarajevo

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BiH, proposes merging the case against Ibrahim Demirovic and the case against Enes Curic and others, who are charged with crimes in the Mostar area.

Demirovic, against whom the Prosecution also filed an indictment in this case, was arrested later on due to a suspicion that he raped protected witness B in Potoci, near Mostar, on several occasions in 1993.

According to the indictment, which the Prosecution filed with the Court of BiH in mid-September, Demirovic, Curic, Samir Kreso, Habib Copelj and Mehmed Kaminic participated in crimes against Croat civilians.

The Prosecution charges them with having participated in the abuse of more than a hundred Croat civilians, including many minors, women, the elderly and women in advanced pregnancy, who were detained in Potoci village in 1993.

The Court of BiH is not able to tell whether the indictment, which was filed with it nearly a month-and-a-half ago, has been confirmed. It says that a decision has been rendered, but it cannot be revealed until the parties have received it.

Demirovic was arrested on October 15 due to a suspicion that he committed rape as well, so the Prosecution requested that this case be merged with the case in which the indictment was filed.

Demirovic’s Defence attorney Nijaz Djuliman agreed with the proposal for merging of the cases and eventual extension of prohibiting measures, which the Prosecution also requested.

Judge Minka Kreho said that the proposal for joindering of cases would be submitted to the Defence attorneys of the other indictees. She said that she would render a decision after that. 

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