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1 March 2013

Memic et al: Code Name “Blek”

A State Prosecution witness says, at the trial for crimes in Trusina, Konjic municipality, that, while communicating over a walkie-talkie during an attack on Grabovica in May 1993, indictee Nihad Bojadzic used “Blek” as his code name.

Irfan Maslesa, former member of the Special Purposes Squad with the Main Command Headquarters of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, ABiH, explained that new code names were used each time when military operations were conducted, but, in some cases, the same code names were used in several battles.

“Blek was Nihad's code name for some time. During the first conquering of Grabovica in May 1993 Blek was his code name,” Maslesa said. He told the Court that two groups of members of "Zulfikar" Squad participated in battles in the Konjic area in April 1993, adding that he took part in the operation in Podorasac village.

During the course of his testimony in June 2011 protected witness L said that he spoke to indictee Bojadzic via walkie-talkie during the attack on Trusina village and that he used Blek as his code name. At the time the witness said that he did not recognise the indictee's voice, but he heard that he used the mentioned code name.

Besides Bojadzic, the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina charges Mensur Memic, Dzevad Salcin, Senad Hakalovic, Nedzad Hodzic and Zulfikar Alispago with the murder of 18 civilians and four members of the Croatian Defence Council, HVO in Trusina village on April 16, 1993.

According to the charges, Memic, Salcin and Hodzic, former members of “Zulfikar” Special Squad of ABiH, and Hakalovic, former member of “Neretvica” 45th Brigade of ABiH, participated in the murder of civilians and prisoners of war.

The indictment alleges that Bojadzic, former Deputy Commander of “Zulfikar” Squad gave an order to subordinated soldiers, while they were standing on a hill near Trusina, not to leave any living persons in the village and that he commanded the attack from that location. Alispago is charged with having failed to punish the soldiers, who participated in the murders.

Witness Maslesa was not able to confirm who was the commander of “Zulfikar” Squad in April 1993. The witness was presented with a document issued in October 1993, indicating that he was appointed a company commander. Alispago signed the mentioned document in his capacity as Commander of the Special Purposes Squad.

The Defence of indictee Alispago is due to examine witness Maslesa on Monday, March 5 this year.

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