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14 September 2012

Memic et al: Assumptions about Bojadzic’s Role

On the second day of his testimony at the trial of six former members of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, ABiHa protected Prosecution witness says that he assumes that indictee Nihad Bojadzic commanded an attack on Trusina village, near Konjic, when the crime was committed.

Responding to questions made by Defence attorney Vasvija Vidovic, a former member of the “Zulfikar” Squad with the Main Command Headquarters of ABiH, who testified under the pseudonym of O, said that he did not personally see any Bojadzic’s actions that would lead to a conclusion that he commanded the attack.

The witness said that he saw Bojadzic, a former Deputy Commander of “Zulfikar” Squad, on a hill near Trusina, from which soldiers began the operation aimed at occupying the village controlled by the Croatian Defence Council, HVO. 

“I do not know what he did during the operation, as I did not see him,” the witness said.

During the last hearing held on September 3 protected witness O said that Bojadzic was “the main commander of that direction”.  

Bojadzic is charged with having ordered members of the “Zulfikar” Squad to attack Trusina and allegedly told them that there must be no survivors in the village. According to the charges, he then commanded the attack by issuing orders to soldiers via a communication device.

The protected witness then spoke about the shooting of up to ten Croat men in Trusina, saying that he did not see that indictee Nedzad Hodzic shot at them. The witness pointed out that many soldiers were present at that place and that they could see the shooting.

Besides Bojadzic and Hodzic, the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina charges Mensur Memic, Dzevad Salcin and Zulfikar Alispago, former members of “Zulfikar” Squad, and Senad Hakalovic, former member of the 45th Brigade of ABiH, with the attack on Trusina village on April 16, 1993, when 18 civilians and four HVO members were killed.

The examination of protected witness O is due to be continued on September 24. 


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