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8 May 2015

Medical Expert Describes Remains at Crvena Brana Mass Grave in Boskovic Trial

Emina Dizdarevic BIRN BiH Sarajevo
A forensics expert testifying at the Srecko Boskovic trial said the remains of approximately 75 persons below the age of 18 were found in the Crvena Brana mass grave in the municipality of Zvornik.
Upon an order issued by the state prosecution, Rifat Kisetovic presented his findings on remains found in the mass grave of Crvena Brana. He said a total of approximately 77 remains belonged to persons below the age of 18. He said there were also 12 unidentified remains.

According to Kisetovic, in most instances it wasn’t possible to determine the cause of death, because the remains had been transferred from one grave to another.

“The skeletal remains were broken into pieces and decomposed – probably because of the transfer of bodies after death. Some body parts were found in three different graves...The cause of death has been determined in 115 cases. In most cases injuries of the torso caused by bullets have been noted,” the court expert said.

Prosecutor Predrag Tomic asked how the identification of the remains was conducted. Kisetovic said the identification was based exclusively on DNA analysis, but in some cases identification was done based on clothing and other personal belongings.

“A number of stones of green clay were found in the primary grave. Also, artifacts and blindfolds were found...The autopsy reports mention that hand ties were also found,” Kisetovic said.

Srecko Boskovic, a former member of the Bosnian Serb Army, is charged with murdering a boy in July 1995, while Serb soldiers were killing Bosniak civilians at the Red Dam plateau in Zvornik after the fall of Srebrenica. Boskovic allegedly told the boy that he was free to leave, and then shot him with an automatic weapon.

The trial will continue on May 15.
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