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12 May 2015

Medical Court Expert Presents Findings at Eniz Basic Trial

Dzenana Sivac BIRN BiH Zenica
As the Eniz Basic trial for war crimes in the Zenica area continues, a medical court expert presented his findings on the fear felt by the injured parties when they were abducted from their homes.
Basic, a former member of the Bosnian Army, has been charged with abducting civilians from a house in the village of Vardiste in April 1993, without authorization. The charred bodies of those civilians were found a few days later.

Medical court expert Sefik Hedzic said he had arrived at his post-mortem findings based on witness statements, as well as his knowledge and experience.

Testifying before the cantonal court of Zenica, Hedzic said the injured parties felt a highly intense form of fear, a statement previously confirmed by witnesses.

“Such fear grows into despair and hopelessness and death is seen as the only way out...The injured parties in this concrete case felt more intense fear considering the fact that the intensity increases in people of older age,” Hedzic said.

The defense objected, saying the court expert unlawfully interfered with the court’s assessment of the circumstances and presented unauthorized allegations that the injured parties were subjected to inhumane treatment.

The chamber rejected the objection, explaining that the court would determine the circumstances and the role of the defendant, whereas the findings referred to a specific situation and how people would feel and react in such situation.

The trial will continue on May 28, when the prosecution will present its material evidence and two out of the three proposed defense witnesses will be examined.

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