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29 November 2013

Material Evidence Instead of Testimony

Amer Jahić BIRN BiH Sarajevo

At the trial for crimes against Serb civilians in Kladanj the Defence of the indictees presents material evidence instead of the examination of a State Prosecution witness.

As the witness, who was due to testify at this hearing, failed to appear, the Defence of indictee Safet Mujcinovic included, in the case file, a document issued by the Police Station in Stupari on August 25, 1992, referring to State

Prosecution witness Miroslav Markovic, who testified at this trial before.

As said by Defence attorney Emir Suljagic, the document indicated which weapons had been confiscated from witness Markovic. Testifying for the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the beginning of November, he said that, under Mujcinovic’s pressure, he said that the weapons found on his land belonged to him. The witness was previously sentenced for that before the Military Court in Tuzla.

“Some rifles about which I know nothing were found”, Markovic told the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina during his testimony. 

Dragan Barbaric, Defence attorney of indictee Nedzad Hodzic, presented Markovic’s statement given to the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2011, as well as his statement given to the Public Safety Centre in Bijeljina in 2004.

Mujcinovic and Hodzic are charged, along with Selman Busnov, Nusret Muhic, Zijad Hamzic, Ramiz Halilovic, Hariz Habibovic, Osman Gogic and Kahro Vejzovic, former members of civil and military police, as well as the Territorial Deefnce in Stupari, with having committed crimes against Serb civilians in the Kladanj area.

The trial is due to continue on December 13.

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