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27 September 2012

Mass Grave Found in Bosnia

A mass grave containing remains of nine persons was found during an exhumation in the area of Hajvazi in the Osmici municipality in northeastern Bosnia.
Bosnia's Institute for the Missing Persons, INO, says that the remains most probably belong to Bosniak victims, who were killed in November 1992.
“The exhumation in this area will continue, because we expect to find more victims who died in 1992. We are searching a group of 38 individuals, whose remains have still not been found. However, we shall be able to say with certainty whether the remains belong to them only after a DNA analysis,” said Lejla Cengic, spokesperson for the Institute.
The Bosnian State Prosecution issued an announcement, saying that the remains would be transported to the Commemorative Center in Tuzla for further expert examination and identification through DNA analysis.
The Institute for the Missing Persons says that it has been determined that one of the nine exhumed victims is a woman.
“The victims were dumped on top of each other and buried in a shallow grave,” Cengic said.
The exhumation was led by an investigator with the Bosnian Prosecutor. Representatives of INO and the International Commission for the Missing Persons, ICMP, a court medicine doctor, workers of the Commemorative Center from Tuzla and police officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republika Srpska took part in the exhumation.

According to the ICMP figures, at the end of the conflicts in Bosnia and Herzegovina there were around 30,000 people missing, presumably dead.

Until now two thirds have been identified and around 10,000 are still missing.
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