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12 January 2015

Martic's Trial Postponed Due to Illness

Dzenana Sivac BIRN BiH Zenica

The trial of Mate Martic, who is charged before the Cantonal Court in Zenica with crimes in Zepce, has been postponed due to the indictee's illness.

As said at the hearing, according to medical reports, the indictee was severely ill and it was uncertain when he might be capable of attending the trial.

Martic, a former member of the Croatian Defence Council, is charged with having escorted a group of captured members of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BiH, from a school building in Perkovici to military positions in July 1993. Upon arrival, he allegedly abused them and hit them on various parts of their bodies with a rifle butt and shot at the two of them.

The Chamber scheduled the continuation of the trial for February 12.

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