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20 December 2006

Mandic: Four more ex-detainees testify

Four prosecution witnesses have said that they remember Mandic's visits to the camps where they were detained.
Four new prosecution witnesses - Esad Sehic, Zejnil Muharemovic, Suad Masnopita and protected witness E - have testified against Momcilo Mandic.

Mandic is charged that, as the then justice minister in former Srpska Republika BiH government, he had responsibility over the operation of detention camps formed in 1992 around Sarajevo and in Foca.

All four witnesses who testified today are former camp inmates.

Masnopita saw Mandic in Planjina kucacamp in Vogosca. "Nebojsa Spiric came with a man who introduced himself as justice minister of Srpska Republika BiH government. He issued an order to have us transferred to Planjina kuca," Masnopita said and added that he found out later, from other camp inmates, that Mandic was the minister.

Sehic and Muharemovic did not see Mandic while they were detained, but they both say that they heard that he came with a TV crew to Planjina kuca.

Protected witness E also talked about a man who visited the detention camp in Semizovac and who introduced himself as the justice minister.

"There were rumours among camp inmates that this was Mandic because there were locals there who knew him since before the war," the witness said.

The next hearing is scheduled for January 11, 2007.
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