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26 April 2007

Mandic: Ex-detainees do not recognise accused

Former detainees from Vogosca have said that they did not see the indictee in the detention camps where they were held.

Four defence witnesses testifying the trial of Momcilo Mandic, a former justice minister in Radovan Karadzic's government, have failed to recognise the indictee in Court.

Mensur Pandzic, Dzevad Rizvanovic, Fikret Isceric and Hurem Murtic all claim that they were arrested in different locations in 1992 and taken to Planjina kuca camp, located in Vogosca near Sarajevo, from where they were transferred to Kula camp. They were finally exchanged in February and March 1993.

"They took us to correctional facility Kula, where we waited to be exchanged," Pandzic said.

All four witnesses said that they know the indictee "only from TV" and that they did not see him during the time they spent in the camps.

The Prosecution holds Mandic responsible, as former justice minister, for the forming and operation of camps on the territory of Sarajevo and Foca.

During the evidence procedure, a few prosecution witnesses stated that they used to see the indictee visiting camps during 1992.

The trial will be continued on April 16, 2007.
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