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14 February 2007

Lucic trial begins

Proceedings against former HVO commander from Kresevo get underway.

The trial of Kreso Lucic has begun with the reading of the indictment, which charges him with crimes against humanity committed against civilians from Central Bosnia.

According to the indictment, from April to September 1993 Lucic, as commander of Croat Defence Council (HVO) military police, took part in attacks on Kresevo, Kiseljak, Busovaca and Vitez. The attacks took place during the armed dispute between HVO and the Army of BiH.

The Prosecution of BiH believes that Lucic took part in the detention and torture of Bosniak civilians, and that he helped others to commit inhumane acts against the civilians, such as using them as forced labour and detention in poor conditions.

In her opening statement, Prosecutor Slavica Terzic announced that she will prove what had happened in Kresevo "in order to determine the truth whether someone likes it or not".

The Prosecution did not announce how many witnesses it will call, but Terzic said that she will submit evidence of a systematic attack executed by HVO on Central Bosnia and stressed that these are facts which have already been confirmed before the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), at the trial of Dario Kordic and Mario Cerkez.

Defence attorney Kresimir Zubak noted that he will try to prove that Lucic "did not beat anyone".

Zubak also added that the defence is also in support of the truth "except that it is different from the prosecution's truth".

The next hearing and the beginning of evidence presentation by the Prosecution are scheduled for February 26, 2007.
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