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11 February 2015

Longer Sentences for Dretelj Crimes

Albina Sorguč BIRN BiH Sarajevo

The Supreme Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has increased prison sentences for Mijo Banovic and Gojko Granic, both convicted of crimes committed against civilians during the Bosnian war.

Banovic has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison, and Granic to two years.

In November 2013, the Mostar Cantonal Court sentenced Mijo Banovic to one year and ten months and Gojko Granic to a year and a half in prison for crimes committed against Bosniak civilians in Dretelj in 1993.

Under the first instance verdict, Banovic was pronounced guilty of having beaten several civilians with a rifle butt, wooden baton, chain, fists, and legs, as well as other forms of mistreatment. Granic was found guilty of having beaten three civilians.

The Mostar Cantonal Court verdict says that Banovic and Granic were military policemen with the Croatian Defence Council.

Both the prosecution and the defense appealed against today’s verdict. The defense’s appeals were rejected as unfounded, while the Mostar Cantonal Prosecution's appeal was partially upheld.

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