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20 April 2012

Local Justice - Zenica: Remembering the Death of Civilians

People laid down flowers in downtown Zenica, marking the 19th anniversary of the death of civilians, when 17 people were killed and 78 wounded.
Citizens of Zenica, families of victims and delegations of war victims marked the death of 17 people, including children, who were killed in the shelling on April 19, 1993. At this place on the main Zenica square, a monument to the soldiers who were killed and civilian victims of the war was erected.
Suada Kadric, one of the people wounded 19 years ago, attended the memorial and said that the mortar shell fell several metres from her.
“I was walking towards the square with Latifa and Alija Hodzic. I was going to work. The first shell fell six metres from us. The two of them died and I was wounded in the leg. I guess the beloved God wanted me to live,” said Kadric.
Kadric claims she was severely wounded in the leg, but that at that moment more difficult for her was to “watch murdered children and people”. “Those who lost someone feel the most pain today,” she added.
The memorial was also attended by Hedija Ganic Trako, mother of the youngest victim of shelling, 14-year old Nahrudin Trako, who said that she on each anniversary feels “a greater pain”.
“Each year the longing for my son is greater. I hope someone’s waiting for me up there,” said Ganic Trako.
Association of families of civilian war victims in the municipality of Zenica reminded that no one has answered before the judiciary of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the shelling of the town during the war, despite the fact that the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina has undertaken to investigate this and other incidents.
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