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28 August 2012

Local Justice – Tuzla: Presentation of Closing Statements Postponed

The continuation of the trial of Hamed Salihovic, Nedzad Oric and Azem Ahmic before the Cantonal Court in Tuzla has been postponed as per a request by one of the Defence attorneys. The presentation of closing statements has been scheduled for September 12.

Hamed Salihovic, Nedzad Oric and Azem Ahmic, former members of the 243rd Muslim Podrinje Brigade of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, ABiH, are charged with having beaten Stevo Tesic in Jasenica village, near Srebrenik on July 17, 1995. They allegedly caused him multiple fractures, because he “refused to let refugees from Srebrenica move into his house”.

It is alleged that, while Tesic was still unconscious, they loaded him onto a bus, drove him to the military barracks in Ciljuge village, Zivinice municipality and left him lying on the ground. On that same night somebody made a cut on Tesic’s neck, which caused his death. 

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