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25 October 2010

Local Justice: Search for the Missing Continues in Herzegovina


Although the bodies of more than 2,000 people killed during the war in Bosnia have already been exhumed from graves in the Herzegovina area, the Institute for Missing People says the search for 750 more people continues.

Sanja Mulac, an investigator with the Mostar local office of the Institute for Missing Persons, says that most of these missing people were residents in the eastern Herzegovina area – Gacko and Nevesinje, and Prozor municipality.
She said that more than 300 people disappeared in Nevesinje during the course of the war, adding that half have since been found.
The Mostar Office investigators are currently involved in the exhumation of remains from Lipnik and Dobrelja chasms, near Gacko. They are scheduled to travel to Prozor on October 25.
Mulac says that her colleagues do not face any major obstacles when working in the field, adding that the only real problem is the fact that people are still not ready to speak about the locations where crimes were committed even though fifteen years have passed since the end of the war.
“There must be someone in Nevesinje who knows to which location the remains of 20 killed children were transferred from the Lipovaca mass grave in Nevesinje and many other things...There are some people who have the information, but their understanding of the issue is still underdeveloped. If they would share the information, these families could finally end the search for their dearest ones and find peace,” Mulac said.
Once the work in Prozor has been completed, the investigators will start conducting exhumations near Mostar, in Bijelo polje, but Mulac did not give the precise locations that will be searched.
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