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20 April 2011

Local Justice: Search for Missing Persons in Herzegovina

Following a several-month break for winter weather, the Institute for Missing Persons of Bosnia and Herzegovina has begun searching for missing persons in the Herzegovina area and discovered one unidentified body at Krusevica locality, Mostar municipality.

After having searched the Krusevica locality, members of the Institute for Missing Persons exhumed one body on Thursday, April 19. They assume the remains belong to a female, a civilian who went missing in 1992.

Sanja Mulac, investigator with the Institute for Missing Persons of Bosnia and Herzegovina, said that the Mostar Office conducted the initial search at Podcrnogovac, Stolac municipality in late March this year.

Mulac said that the Institute “received information that the remains of Bosniaks and Croats from Dabrica village, Berkovici municipality, were buried at that location”. However, Mulac said that only one human bone was found at the location, which could mean, she said, that “the grave was transferred to another location”. Mulac explained that information received earlier indicated that this was a mass grave.

In the upcoming period the Mostar Office of the Institute for the Missing Persons of Bosnia and Herzegovina will continue its work at the Radaca pit locality, Mostar municipality, Dobrelja pit and Lipnik pit, Gacko municipality and Dencevica pit, Prozor municipality and exhumations in Nevesinje and Jablanica municipalities.


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