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8 December 2010

Local Justice: Remains of More than 20 Victims Found


Investigators from the Institute for Missing Persons, INO, of Bosnia and Herzegovina have found 11 remains in the Djurdjevaca mass grave, Hadzici municipality, and have begun exhuming bodies buried in a grave discovered in Milici municipality.

The INO investigators completed the search of the mass grave with the exhumation of the victims, who are believed to be Bosniak civilians from the Hadzici area who were killed in 1992.

“The skeletal remains have been transported to Visoko City Cemetery Company, where they will undergo court-medical processing. Samples will also be taken for DNA analysis in order to determine the identity of these victims,” says Lejla Cengic, spokesperson of INO BiH.

The Institute said that it would continue “searching the area” in the upcoming period, because it is still searching for “113 more persons in the Hadzici area”.

Muhamed Music, President of the Association for the Search for Detainees and Missing Persons from Hadzici, said that the remains of 22 victims have been found in this area since 1998.

INO BiH investigators have also begun a search of Kaldrmica locality, Milici municipality, where “at least 15 victims” have been found so far.

“The Institute for Missing Persons has found a new mass grave. It is believed that remains of Srebrenica victims killed in 1995 were buried in it,” Cengic said.

The exhumation at Djurdjevaca locality began in mid November, when a shallow grave containing remains was noticed. The exhumation at Kaldrmica locality will continue in the upcoming period.


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