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30 September 2011

Local Justice: Investigation against Radenko Kosoric Discontinued

BIRN BiH Sarajevo
The Sarajevo Cantonal Prosecution has decided to discontinue an investigation against Radenko Kosoric for crimes against civilians in Grbavica, Sarajevo due to a lack of evidence - this was confirmed by Jasmina Omicevic, Spokesperson of the Cantonal Prosecution in Sarajevo.

"The Cantonal Prosecution has issued an order, discontinuing the investigation, because there is no evidence that Kosoric committed the crime. He was released from custody on August 15 this year," Omicevic told BIRN - Justice Report.

Omicevic said that the injured parties were notified about the discontinuation of the investigation, adding that the decision was not appealed within the legally set timeframe of seven days.

The Sarajevo Cantonal Prosecution determined that it had no evidence that Kosoric, who has Danish citizenship, participated, in collaboration with two other persons, in the murder of three members of the Trnka family and setting their bodies on fire in Grbavica, Sarajevo in August 1992.

Kosoric was arrested at the border crossing in Orasje on June 30 as per a warrant issued by the Cantonal Court in Sarajevo. He was held in custody until August 15 this year.


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