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4 April 2012

Kuvelja: Refusal to Testify

During a status conference, held as part of the trial of Bozidar Kuvelja for genocide in Srebrenica, the Defence asks the Court to postpone the trial until April 17 this year, because it can not make sure that witnesses will appear.
Izet Bazdarevic, Defence attorney of Kuvelja, said that the witness, who was due to testify at this trial, refused, “for reasons known to him”, to appear at the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina on April 10 in order to testify in defence of the indictee. The Defence attorney said that the witness was supposed to speak about the indictee's character and personality.

Bazdarevic proposed two new witnesses, who agreed to testify on April 17 this year.

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina charges Kuvelja, former member of the Training Center on Mount Jahorina, with having participated in the shooting of about 100 Bosniak prisoners, who were cheated by being invited to come out of the warehouse in order to receive medical assistance.

The indictment alleges that members of the Jahorina Training Centre opened bursts of fire at the civilians in front of the warehouse in Kravica, while indictee Kuvelja used an automatic rifle and “verified” the murder of individual men, after having made sure that they were still alive.

Kuvelja has been held in custody since January last year. His trial began four months later.  

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