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25 January 2012

Kuvelja: Defence to Begin Presenting Evidence Soon

During a status conference held before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina the Defence of Bozidar Kuvelja, who is charged with genocide in Srebrenica, says that it will examine four witnesses and the indictee and present 56 pieces of material evidence. The Defence is due to begin presenting its evidence in February.

Izet Bazdarevic, Defence attorney of indictee Bozidar Kuvelja, said that, during the evidence presentation he would invite two protected State Prosecution witnesses in order to directly examine them. Bazdarevic said that he would need three working days for the examination of all witnesses.
State Prosecutor Ibro Bulic said that the Court should not allow the Defence to repeat the previously asked questions during the examination of the two protected Prosecution witnesses. The Defence reacted by saying that it would take that into account.
In addition, Bulic requested the Defence to confirm authenticity of some of the pieces of its material evidence.
“The material evidence, which has been submitted to us, contains 16 documents, which have neither been signed nor stamped. Therefore, we shall object to the inclusion of these pieces of evidence unless the Defence confirms their authenticity,” the Prosecutor said.
Kuvelja, former member of the “Jahorina” Training Centre with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republika Srpska, RS, is charged with having participated in the shooting of about 100 Bosniak captives, who were cheated by being invited to come out of the Agricultural Co-operative building in Kravica in order to receive medical assistance.
According to the State Prosecution's charges, members of the “Jahorina” Training Center fired bursts of bullets at the captured civilians in front of the Co-operative building in Kravica, while indictee Kuvelja “verified” the murder of each man, who was still alive, by shooting him from an automatic gun.
The trial is due to continue on February 7, when a protected State Prosecution witness, who has been assigned a legal counselor, will testify.
The appointment of a legal counselor was discussed at a closed session held on January 17.


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