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10 March 2015

Krsmanovic Pleads Not Guilty to Abuse of Detainee in Sokolac

Lamija Grebo BIRN BiH Sarajevo

Milenko Krsmanovic plead not guilty today before Bosnia’s state court.

According to the charges against him, Krsmanovic went to the village of Pediste on June 7, 1992, accompanied with a Bosnian Serb soldier. They went to a location where a Bosniak civilian from the area of Rogatica had been detained. Krsmanovic robbed the detainee and took him to the Sokolac police station.

According to the indictment, Krsmanovic and the soldier beat the prisoner. They attempted to kill him, and in doing so caused serious physical and mental harm to the victim.

After the abuse of the detainee, he was handed over to the police and transported to the Rasadnik camp in Rogatica. There he was subjected to further abuse along with other Bosniak detainees.

The trial for this case will commence at a later stage.
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