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19 January 2007

Kreso Lucic released from custody

The Court of BiH released from detention Kreso Lucic, indicted for war crimes committed in Central Bosnia.
Kreso Lucic, former military police commander of Croat Defence Council (HVO) in Kresevo, has been released from custody on Friday.

The defence put up as bail evidence of Lucic’s property to the value of 100.000 EUR, and submitted all valid travel documents for the accused.

The accused is ordered not to leavethe town of Siroki Brijeg, where he leaves with his family. The decision also requires the accused to report to the Siroki Brijeg Police Department on a daily basis.

Kresimir Zubak, the indictee's defence attorney, has asked the court to release Lucic in November last year offering in return his travel documents and bail.

Lucic has been in custody since April 27, 2006. The indictment, in which he is charged with crimes against Bosniaks of Kresevo, Vitez, Kiseljak and Busovaca, was confirmed on October 26, 2006.
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