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28 October 2009

Klickovic et al: Initiators and Abettors

A witness testifying for the Defence of Gojko Klickovic says he heard from other people that the first indictee and Miroslav Vjestica were the initiators of incidents that preceded the conflict in Bosanska Krupa.
Ismet Mujanovic, who worked at the District Headquarters of the Territorial Defence, TO, in Bihac, said that he "personally knows" that "incidents occurred" in Bosanska Krupa in September 1991, adding that these incidents were linked to the Serb Democratic Party, SDS.

"People mentioned three or four names - Gojko Klickovic and Miroslav Vjestica were mentioned as abettors and initiators of those incidents," Mujanovic said testifying for the Defence of Klickovic.

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina charges Klickovic, Mladen Drljaca and Jovan Ostojic with crimes against humanity committed in the Bosanska Krupa area during 1992. The indictment alleges, among other things, that Klickovic was President and Vice President of the SDS Executive Board in Bosanska Krupa. He is charged with having participated, together with Drljaca, Vjestica and several other people, in a joint criminal enterprise "which began in the summer of 1991".

Mujanovic told the Court that while he was in Bihac on April 21, 1992 he found out that the conflict had begun in Bosanska Krupa. For this reason he went to the town on the two following days.

"There was a great deal of hustle and tension. Everybody was somehow scared. Everything was chaotic. In the municipal building I met some people dressed in uniform, who introduced themselves as resistance activists. We issued instructions for further organization and grouping of people. A general disorder was in place. The following day all people went to the left bank of the Una river looking for shelter because of the shelling," the witness said.

The indictment alleges that on April 21, 1992 Serb forces, "under the actual control of Gojko Klickovic", attacked Bosanska Krupa. The indictment alleges that 17 people were killed and 14 were wounded during the attack, which lasted for several days.

Ale Siljdedic, who appeared as the second witness of Klickovic's Defence, spoke about that day. At that time he was a policeman in Bihac. Being a member of the Mobile Police Unit he arrived in Bosanska Krupa, together with four other colleagues.

"I heard about some tensions in the Bosanska Krupa area. We were supposed to go there and calm people down. Upon our arrival, we were given camouflage uniforms. We went to the clinic in the town. About twenty people gathered there. After the shooting had started, we were in disorder. There was complete chaos as we were trying to enter the building as quickly as we could," Siljdedic said.

He said that a policeman from Cazin was wounded in front of the clinic in Krupa. The witness said that after spending about an hour in that building he joined some other policemen who went to the police station.

"We stayed there until early evening. We were then told to spend the night at some hotel. The following day we were told that there were some snipers in the town and we had to locate and arrest those people. I headed towards the hospital and court accompanied by a reserve policeman from Krupa. When I got there I saw uniformed people, who had TO marks and lilies on their uniforms," the witness said, adding that those people had arrested two persons whom they believed had been shooting with sniper rifles. He then took the two prisoners to the police station.

Siljdedic said he spent the rest of the day at the police station and returned to Bihac in the evening.

The trial is due to continue on November 3, 2009.
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