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17 March 2010

Klickovic et al: Evidence of Aggression

Continuing presentation of his material evidence, Gojko Klickovic, who is charged with crimes committed in Bosanska Krupa, said that aggression against Serbs was conducted by forces coming from Croatia, adding that there were "many pieces of evidence" to prove this.

"There are many pieces of evidence on aggression. These documents are important, because the indictment alleges that we conducted a broad and systematic attack. We were attacked. We were afraid of everybody, so we could not have attacked anyone. The evidence proves that aggression was conducted from outside and there was cooperation between the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, RBiH," Gojko Klickovic said, presenting documents from December 1992.

The Defence of indictee Klickovic has introduced more than 290 documents, referring, among other things, to the work of the Crisis Committee and the wartime Presidency, as well as military and police authorities in the Serb municipality of Bosanska Krupa, SMBK.

Klickovic, Mladen Drljaca and Jovan Ostojic are charged with a number of crimes committed in the Bosanska Krupa area during 1992.

The indictment alleges that, between April and December 31, 1992 they participated in two joint criminal enterprises, within a broad and widely spread systematic attack conducted by paramilitary formations of the Serbian Democratic Party, SDS, and the Serb Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina Army against non-Serb civilians in the Krajina Autonomous Region. The two enterprises had the goal of creating the SMBK and a separate state of Bosnian Serbs.

The first indictee presented an order issued by the wartime Presidency of the SMBK in July 1992, inviting people whose spouses were of different ethnicity to come for questioning. As he explained, most of them left Krupa town "for security reasons" afterwards.

Klickovic presented an Order on the evacuation of Muslims from Zaluge dated May 22, 1992, which alleged that "their personal or collective safety could not be guaranteed".

"Prosecution witnesses said they wanted to leave the area out of fear. It was the obligation of the wartime Presidency to enable them to leave. The order on their evacuation was rendered in accordance with the law," the first indictee said.

The State Prosecution claims that Muslim civilians were forcibly resettled from Zaluge, Zaline, Potkalinje, Veliki Dubovik, Velika Jasenica, Arapusa and Krupa town to Bihac and Sanski most areas, "in line with a written order issued by Gojko Klickovic", on May 1 and May 24, 1992.

The trial is due to continue on March 23, 2010.

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