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16 December 2009

Klickovic et al: Desperate Struggle of Serb People

As he continues presenting his material evidence, Gojko Klickovic says that Serbs were "the target of aggression", adding that they did not make any plans for creating a new state.
"Serbs never made any plans for separation from Yugoslavia or Bosnia and Herzegovina. They had those two countries and they did not need a third one. Our aim is to prove who started the war. The Serbs did not need it. (...) This was a religious-civil war and aggression against Yugoslavia, targeted at Serbs. There are irrefutable pieces of evidence to prove that," Gojko Klickovic said, presenting a number of newspaper articles published in 2002 and 2008.

Klickovic, Mladen Drljaca and Jovan Ostojic are charged with murder, detention, forcible resettlement, torture and other crimes committed against the non-Serb population of Bosanska Krupa in 1992.

The three indictees are charged with participation in a joint criminal enterprise with the aim of linking the parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina inhabited by Serbs and creating a separate state of Bosnian Serbs.

The indictment alleges that Klickovic, Drljaca and other members of the Serb Democratic Party, SDS, participated in the joint criminal enterprise, which began in the summer of 1991 with an aim of establishing the Serb municipality of Bosanska Krupa.

The Prosecution claims that "Serb forces, under the actual command of the first indictee", conducted an attack on Bosanska Krupa on April 21, 1992, which was part of the joint criminal enterprise plan in that area.

Prosecutor Dzevad Muratbegovic said that the events that took place in Krupa in April 1992 were in contradicition to "the work and programme of the SDS".

The Defence of Klickovic rejects this allegation. 

While presenting his material evidence, the first indictee said that the Prosecution's indictment was based on "prejudices", adding that "the team of people who wanted to destroy Yugoslavia" did not come from this region.

The Report on the work of the Assembly and wartime Presidency of the Serb municipality of Bosanska Krupa from January 1992 to April 1993 states, as the first indictee read out in court, that the Serb population in the town "desperately struggled to gain any kind of participation in local authorities and, later on, to survive".

The Defence of Klickovic is seeking to prove that the authorities in the Serb municipality of Bosanska Krupa acted in accordance with the laws which were in force at the time. It is also seeking to prove that "Muslim forces" attacked the town and eventually forced the Serb population to leave it.

The trial is due to continue on December 22, 2009.
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