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17 June 2009

Klickovic et al: Crime Scene Inspection in Arapusa

A former president of the municipal court in Bosanska Krupa testifies for Gojko Klickovic’s defence and speaks about the events that preceded the conflict in that area. 
Sead Komic, former President of the Municipal Court in Bosanska Krupa, appeared as Gojko Klickovic’s Defence witness. He spoke about a crime scene inspection conducted in Arapusa after one person was wounded. He also spoke about the situation in that town prior to the conflict.

Among other things, the Prosecution charges Gojko Klickovic, Mladen Drljaca and Jovan Ostojic with participating in the murder, forcible resettlement, attacks against civilians, detention, rape and torture of the non-Serbian population in the Bosanska Krupa area during the course of 1992.

The indictment alleges that, on April 21, 1992 “Serbian forces under Klickovic’s actual command” started an artillery and infantry attack against the civilian population of Bosanska Krupa and Ostuznica.  

This witness said that, prior to the conflict that broke out in Krupa, he had conducted a crime scene inspection, together with a few other people, in Arapusa, where a reserve policeman had been wounded. 

“I found out that those policemen were drunk and they started shooting, from the vehicle in which they were driving, at the residents, who then shot back. We could not leave Arapusa until Gojko Klickovic and Meho Mahic, Municipal Mayor, came. I had to invite them as the village residents wanted them to come. We left the location only after they had arrived,” Komic explained.

This witness said that he visited the wounded Serbian policeman, adding that, some time later, Klickovic and Mahic issued a public announcement claiming that “everything was all right”.
Komic said that the situation “was totally tense” in Krupa those days, adding that he fled for the left hand bank of the Una river, together with his family.

“The Serbian people started the conflict and shelled Krupa. On the day when I escaped to the left river bank, I saw a few armed civilians and uniformed people in the town. I think there were some policemen from Bihac as well,” Komic said.

The Defence is trying to prove that a series of incidents that took place in 1991 and 1992 partially contributed to the break out of the conflict in Krupa.

The witness said that he did not know whether there was a wartime presidency in Krupa.

The indictment alleges that Klickovic was President of the wartime Presidency of the Serbian municipality of Bosanska Krupa, which was established on April 21, 1992, when the conflict broke out.

The trial is due to continue on June 23, 2009.
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