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21 December 2015

Injured Party in Krsmanovic Trial Was Fleeing Rogatica in Civilian Convoy During Arrest

Albina Sorguc BIRN BiH Sarajevo

Prosecution witnesses testifying at the Milenko Krsmanovic trial said injured party Muhidin Kapo and 20 other civilians fled the Rogatica area through Mount Romanija in July 1992. The civilians intended to reach Olovo.

The district prosecution of Eastern Sarajevo has charged Milenko Krsmanovic with capturing and robbing Muhidin Kapo, a Bosniak civilian from Rogatica, in the village of Pediste in the municipality of Sokolac. Accompanied by another member of the Bosnian Serb Army, the defendant transported him to the public safety station in Sokolac on July 7, 1992.

The prosecution alleges Krsmanovic and others beat Kapo continuously during his detention, with the intention of killing him. Kapo was handed over to police officers and taken to the Rasadnik detention camp in Rogatica. He suffered severe bodily harm and mental damage as a result.

Prosecution witness Samir Sirucic described the civilian convoy that fled the Rogatica area in July 1992. He said his mother broke her leg, so he and his other family members stayed behind, while the other civilians proceeded.

Sirucic said he found out after the war that three civilians, including Muhidin Kapo, had been captured.

“I heard that the convoy had been cut off and three people were captured,” Sirucic said.

Prosecution witness Adil Kustura told the trial chamber that he fled the Rogatica area with Muhidin Kapo in July 1992. He said he saw him on Mount Romanija for the last time.

Kustura said a man told him Muhidin Kapo had been arrested and captured.

“I found out later on that he made it to Sarajevo and was alive and uninjured. I spoke to his father,” Kustura said.

Prosecution witness Ramiz Kepes was also a member of the civilian convoy and confirmed having seen Kapo.

He said when the convoy crossed a trunk road on Mount Romanija, they noticed Kapo was no longer with them. Kepes said he heard later on that he was arrested.

The trial will continue on January 18.

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