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30 October 2014

Indictment for Mostar Crimes Confirmed

Denis Džidić BIRN BiH Sarajevo

The State Court confirms an indictment against Enes Curic, Ibrahim Demirovic, Samir Kreso, Habib Copelj and Mehmed Kaminic, charging them with crimes against civilians in Potoci village, near Mostar. 

The indictment alleges that Curic, Demirovic, Kreso, Copelj and Kaminic participated in unlawful deprivation of liberty and detention of Croat civilians, who were subjected to severe physical and mental mistreatment and held in inhumane conditions, in the broader area of Mostar municipality from the end of June to the beginning of December 1993.
The State Prosecution alleges that Curic was a member of the 49th Mountain Brigade of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, ABiH, and Manager of a detention facility in the school building and other detention facilities in Potoci, Demirovic was Commander of the 47th Mountain Brigade of the ABiH, Kreso was Chief of the Medical Unit with the Military Unit of the Mountain Brigade, which was active in the Bijelo Polje area, and Copelj and Kaminic were members of ABiH.
The indictment against these five men was filed in mid-September this year. The indictees are defending themselves while at liberty.

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