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30 October 2014

Indictment for Crimes in Pocitelj Confirmed

Selma Učanbarlić BIRN BiH Sarajevo

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BiH, confirms an indictment, charging Ibro Turajlic with having committed murder in the Pocitelj area, Capljina municipality, in 1992.

The State Prosecution’s indictment alleges that, on June 7, 1992 Turajlic, the then member of the Territorial Defence, TO, in Capljina, committed war crimes against prisoners of war in the Pocitelj area.

“After a wounded member of the armed forces of the Serbian Republic of BiH had been disarmed and captured by TO members, he approached the captive from his back and deprived him of his life by opening a burst of fire at him,” the Court of BiH said in its announcement.

Turajlic was arrested on September 25 this year. After that the Court of BiH ordered prohibiting measures, including a ban on contacting or meeting certain individuals, as per a proposal by the Prosecution.

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