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26 November 2013

In the House with Indictee

Mirna Buljugić BIRN BiH Sarajevo

As the trial for crimes in Bratunac continues, a Defence witness says that indictee Sava Zivkovic was with him and other neighbours in a house in Hranca.

Witness Milisav Zivkovic said that, during 1992 he lived in the part of Hranca, which was mostly inhabited by Muslims. As he said, the relations were “good at that time”.

The witness recalled having heard shooting one morning in May 1992. As he said - “my two brothers and Sava Zivkovic gathered” in the house.

The witness said that, in the early evening “the Muslim population gathered in front of the bus station in Hranca”, while a woman came to his house, asking for help.

“The woman saw all of us in that house. She asked me to help her son, but I could not do it,” the witness said.

According to the State Prosecution’s charges, Savo Zivkovic and Najdan Mladjenovic are charged with crimes in Hranca village on May 3, 1992, when several Bosniak civilians were killed and captured.

Witness Milivoje Zivkovic said that, at about 11 o’clock on May 3 the shooting began in Hranca village and that he hid in their basement, along with his mother and children. According to the witness’ testimony, when the shooting stopped, he went out and saw Savo Zivkovic.
“All of us were there somehow. Sava approached us to check what had happened,” the witness said.
Third witness Miroslav Lukic said that he remembered that shooting began suddenly in Hranca and that he and his family ran away to a brook near their house, where he saw the indictee.

“The shooting lasted from 10 to 12. When I went down to the brook, I saw Savo,” the witness said.

The trial is due to continue on December 3.

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