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11 March 2015

Ibro Turajlic Trial Begins in Mostar

Sanela Gakovic BIRN BiH Mostar
The Ibro Turaljic trial began at Mostar’s cantonal court with a reading of the indictment and the examination of the first prosecution witnesses.
Turajlic, also known by the nickname “Zelo,” is charged with killing a wounded prisoner in 1992 in Pocitelj.

Witness Gojko Ruzic described an attack from the Croatian Defence Council and Bosnian Muslim forces, which took place from Capljina to Pocitelj on July 7, 1992.

“I knew Mitar Zelenkovic, we were in the Serb forces together. In the morning, grenades started falling and we went to see what was happening. When we got to the house, we climbed a wall and they shot at us. Mitar was hit in the hip,” Ruzic said.

Ruzic hid behind a tree and Zelenkovic remained lying on the ground, until soldiers took him away.

According to Ruzic, he heard after the war that someone wanted to help Zelenkovic, but Turaljic intervened and said, “Why are you helping him? Kill him.” Turaljic then allegedly shot Zelenkovic.

Witness Naza Duric said Turajlic and other soldiers came to her house in 1992. Buric said Turlajic told her that he had just killed a man.

Duric said after the war she heard rumors that her son Ale killed Zelenkovic. She said this is why she confronted Turajlic.

“I was in the kitchen, he came and asked for water. I said he should be ashamed that people in the village were saying my Ale killed Zelenkovic, when he was the one who did it. He said, ‘Yes, I did...better him then me,’” Duric said.

Duric’s testimony was backed by Sanja Bandic, who said she lived with Duric in 2003 and overheard this conversation.

“Ibro came to the door and asked Naza for water. I heard her say he should be ashamed and Turajlic said ‘I killed him.’ I saw Ibro in his work clothes. Naza sent him away. I asked what was going on, and she said he killed a Serb,” Bandic said.

The prosecution also called Spasoje Dulac to this hearing. Spasoje Dulac said he heard from Duric that Turaljic had killed Zelenkovic.

Witness Zijad Mrgan said Turlajic took part in the attack on Pocitelj and had a machine gun.

The trial continues on March 18.

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