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15 September 2006

Glavas: Prosecution asks for longer period of detention

The prosecution has asked that Kotor Varos suspect be kept in custody until the investigation against him is complete.
Milenko Glavas, who is accused of war crimes against civilians in Kotor Varos, should be detained for a further two months, according to the prosecution.

Glavas has been in detention since August 18 of this year. He was arrested four days earlier in Vrbanjci near Kotor Varos, after Interpol issued a "wanted" circular for him. The prosecution believes that Glavas committed a war crime against civilians in the town of Vrbanjci near Kotor Varos.

Prosecutor Dzemila Begovic argued that the suspect should be detained to remove the danger of potential witnesses being influenced.

"The witnesses who we have questioned to date have asked for protection during the testimony because they live in the same town as the Glavas family," Begovic told the court.

"One of the witnesses found out from the suspect's son-in-law that he will be called to testify," Begovic claimed.

Nine witnesses have been questioned during the investigation, and the prosecution intends to hear at least 15 more who live in BiH and five who are outside the country.

"There is a possibility that the number of witnesses will increase after we receive the relevant documentation from Germany, where there is an indictment against him", the prosecutor said.

Glavas' defence attorney Zoran Bubic told the trial chamber that "a dispute took place in which there were many dead people" on June 25, 1992 in the village Vrbanjac, but insisted that Glavas has "nothing with that case".

"This was an unplanned vendetta,because a commander of a unit of army of Republika Srpska and his driver were killed in Kotor Varos. However, my defendant did not participate in what later took place," Bubic explained.

The decision on prolonging of the period of detention will be announced on Monday, September 18.
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