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19 February 2016

Former HVO Fighter Edin Sakoc Extradited from the United States

Denis Dzidic BIRN BiH Sarajevo

Edin Sakoc, a former member of the Croatian Defense Council (HVO), has been extradited from the United States due to suspicions that he committed war crimes in Pocitelj and Capljina.

The state prosecution suspects that Sakoc, a former member of the Croatian Defense Council’s military police, committed war crimes against Serb victims in the Pocitelj and Capljina area in 1992.

“Concretely, he is suspected of the rape and sexual abuse of one Serb woman in the Pocitelj area using force and participating in the murder of two Serb victims in Capljina with individuals known to him,” the Bosnian state prosecution’s announcement reads.

After his extradition to Bosnian judicial bodies, Sakoc was handed over to the competent prosecution. The prosecution will examine him and decide whether to file a custody order motion.

Sakoc was arrested in the United States in 2013 because he gave false information on his role in the Bosnian war to US authorities.

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