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12 February 2015

Extension of Prohibiting Measures Requested in Bosanska Krupa Case

Emina Dizdarević BIRN BiH Sarajevo

The Bosnian state prosecutor has requested that prohibitive measures be extended for three defendants accused of the detainment, murder, and inhumane treatment of civilians during the Bosnian war. The defense teams have objected to these measures.

Jadranko Saran, Fahrudin Hadziosmanagic-Tadzic, Samir Sabic and Zijad Kadic are charged with the detainment, murder, and inhumane treatment of civilians in Bosanska Krupa from September 1995 to July 1996. Their indictment was confirmed on January 12.

The indictment alleges that Saran was chief of the public safety station in Bosanska Krupa, Hadziosmanagic-Tadzic was commander of the police station, Sabic was commander of a police division, while Kadic was a policeman in Jasenica.

The state prosecution did not request such measures for defendant Fahrudin Hadziosmanagic-Tadzic, due to his poor health. The state prosecution considered that the implementation of prohibitive measures in his case would be impossible.

“The prosecution proposes that the existing measures be extended. They include a ban on contacting the witnesses and suspects in this case, as well as an obligation to report to the nearest police station in Bosanska Krupa once a week,” said state prosecutor Ozrenka Neskovic.

Neskovic explained that the witnesses lived in the Bosanska Krupa area, so the defendants could easily approach them.

“There are also witnesses, 'insiders', who used to work with the police station. Defendant Saran was one of their supervisors,” Neskovic said.

Fahrija Karkin, Saran’s defense attorney, said that the assumption that the defendants could influence the witnesses was abstract, considering that all the witnesses had already been examined and the investigation completed.

The defense team agreed that the prohibitive measures against their clients should be terminated as unfounded.

The court will render a decision concerning the prosecution's request at a later date.

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