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29 October 2014

Extension of Prohibiting Measures for Turajlic Requested

Lamija Grebo and Inela Kasapovic BIRN BiH Sarajevo
The State Prosecution proposes an extension of prohibiting measures against Ibro Turajlic, who is charged with crimes in the Capljina area in 1992, while the Defence requests the termination of those measures.
Prosecutor Vedrana Mijovic explained that the prohibiting measures, including a ban on contacting or meeting certain persons, should be extended, because the examination of all of the proposed witnesses would be completed only during the trial.

On the other hand, Defence attorney Edina Residovic requested the termination of the prohibiting measures, claiming that all witnesses lived in the same hamlet as the indictee and that Turajlic practically put himself into home detention in order to respect the measures, prohibiting him from approaching some persons at less than 100 metres away.

She pointed out that there was no danger that Turajlic would influence witnesses but there was a possibility that the measures might be violated due to a very short distance between him and the witnesses, adding that this would lead to ordering of custody measure.

“My client is an agricultural worker. He goes to work at 5 a.m. He returns only in the evening in order to avoid meeting anyone,” Residovic said.

Ibro Turajlic, also known as Zelo, former member of the Territorial Defence in Capljina, is charged with having killed a captured member of the Republika Srpska Army, VRS, by opening a burst of fire at him from his back in the Pocitelj area in June 1992.

Turajlic was arrested on September 25 this year. Following his arrest, the Court of BiH ordered prohibiting measures, including a ban on contacting or meeting certain persons in any way, including getting closer than 100 metres from them.

The Court of BiH will render a decision concerning the request for extension of prohibiting measures at a later stage.

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