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21 October 2014

Extension of Measures against Mitrovic and Glogovac Requested

Jasmina Đikoli BIRN BiH Sarajevo

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BiH, requests an extension of prohibiting measures against the two indictees, who are charged with crimes against civilians and prisoners of war in Zavidovici municipality.

The Prosecution requested the Court to extend prohibiting measures against Novak Mitrovic and Dragan Glogovac, including a ban on leaving their place of residence, travelling and meeting the witnesses and an obligation to report to police bodies.
Commenting on the Prosecution’s motion, Izet Bazdarevic, Defence attorney of the first indictee, pointed out that Mitrovic had been under prohibiting measures for five months already and that he had properly respected them.
“My client will neither leave his place of residence nor the country. He is severely ill and requires care by another person,” Bazdarevic said.
The Defence of the second indictee asked the Court to order less strict prohibiting measures for Glogovac, or more specifically to change the time of reporting to police bodies, which would make it easier for him to perform his work tasks.
According to the indictment, which the Court of BiH confirmed on October 14, Mitrovic and Glogovac, who acted in collaboration with other soldiers of the Republika Srpska Army, caused severe physical and mental pain and suffering of Bosniak and Croat civilians and prisoners of war, who were held in the basement of “Franjo Herljevic” hunters’ house in Kamenica village, Zavidovici municipality, from June to December 1992.
The indictment further alleges that Mitrovic was a member of the Second Ozren Light Infantry Brigade with the Republika Srpska Army and Glogovac was member of military police with the “Doboj” Operational Group of the 1st Krajina Corps of the Republika Srpska Army at that time.
The Court of BiH will render a decision concerning the possible extension of prohibiting measures at a later stage.

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