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28 December 2012

Dragicevic: Custody extension requested

The State Prosecution requested that the custody of Zoran Dragicevic, accused of crimes in the Sarajevo neighborhoods of Grbavica, Kovacic and Vraca, be extended. The Defence sought release.

Prosecutor Dzemila Begovic gave a short statement, explaining that, if released, the accused could influence witnesses and accomplices.

Dragicevic is accused of raping a woman and participating in the harassment, looting and unlawful detention of non-Serb civilians as a member of the Armed Forces of Republika Srpska,.

The Prosecution alleges that the defendant was an accomplice of Veselin “Batko” Vlahovic, who is charged with, among other crimes, murder, abuse, plunder and disappearances.

Defence Attorney Dusko Tomic suggested that Dragicevic, who lives in Bijeljina, get house arrest.

“All witnesses are protected. We do not know who they are, and even if the accused had any intention of affecting their testimonies, he would not be able to get to them,” said Tomic.

He mentioned that the accused had already had a heart attack and a stroke and is currently on medication.

The court will decide whether or not to release Dragicevic at a later date.

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