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30 March 2012

Djelilbasic et al: Guilt Admission Negotiations

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Defence attorneys of indictees Saban and Elvir Djelilbasic announce that they may reach a guilt admission agreement for crimes against civilians committed in Turbe, Travnik municipality.

State Prosecutor Slavica Terzic informed the Trial Chamber that she was negotiating a guilt admission agreement with the Defence of the indictees.
The State Prosecution charges the Djelilbasic brothers with having killed two Serb civilians in December 1992, after having found out that their brother were killed in a battle with the Republika Srepska Army, VRS.
The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina alleges that, after having committed the murder, the two indictees went to another Serb’s house, where they killed Bozo Katana by shooting him in his head, heart and right arm.
The Djelilbasic brothers are defending themselves while at liberty. The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina confirmed the indictment against them in late December 2011.
The Prosecutor said that, in case the guilt admission negotiations were not successful, the State Prosecution would need two and a half days to present its evidence against the two former members of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, ABiH.
Izet Bazdarevic, Defence attorney of Saban Djelilbasic, said that he would need between three and four days for presentation of evidence, while the Defence of the second indictee would need two or three days.
In case the parties fail to reach a guilt admission agreement, the Trial Chamber set the presentation of closing statements for April 26 this year.
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