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12 March 2015

Defense Submits Documentation of Zulfikar Unit Operations in Bojadzic Trial

Amer Jahic BIRN BiH Sarajevo

At today’s hearing of the Nihad Bojadzic trial, the defense submitted 130 pieces of material evidence to the case file.

The evidence includes documents related to combat that took place on Mount Igman between the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Army of Republika Srpska in the summer of 1993.

Defense counselor Mirna Delalic said the Zulfikar Unit participated in the combat operations taking place at the time, a claim she substantiated with a report from the First Corps of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina produced on June 15, 1993.

According to the indictment, Bojadzic was the former deputy commander of the Zulfikar Unit with the Staff of the Supreme Command of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

According to Delalic, a document created by the Zulfikar Unit on July 12, 1993 showed that Bojadzic informed the Supreme Command about combat operations occurring in the area of Trnovo.

Among other charges, Bojadzic is charged with the assault and sexual abuse of captives of Croat nationality at the Bitka na Neretvi Museum in Jablanica on July 28, 1993.

Bojadzic is also charged with the rape of a captive of Croat nationality in Jablanica on July 28 or 29, 1993.

According to Delalic, documentation obtained from the records of the First Corps showed that Bojadzic was on a surveillance mission in Golo Brdo on Mount Igman from July 26-27, 1993.

“The relevance of the document is [it reveals] the movements of the indictee,” Delalic said.

The trial is scheduled to continue on March 19.
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