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18 September 2015

Defense Says Fundup Didn’t Participate in Cohodar Murders

Emina Dizdarevic BIRN BiH Sarajevo
A defense witness testifying at the Radoman Fundup trial said he witnessed the murder of his neighbours in Cohodar Mahala, but didn’t see the defendant participate in their murder.
Radoman Fundup, a former member of the Focanska Brigade of the Bosnian Serb Army, has been charged with the murder and abuse of civilians in the Foca area. The indictment alleges that he participated in the murder of two children and five women and the wounding of one woman in Cohodar Mahala, in collaboration with two other persons.

Fundup has also been charged with the abuse of three civilians, including two children. According to the indictment, he also intimidated and threatened civilians in the village of Gornje Polje. He ordered civilians in Gornje Polje to form a line, and accompanied by another person, cocked his rifle in order to simulate their execution.

Defense witness Dalibor Stojanovic said he had known his neighbours, the Puris family, his entire life. He said they lived across the street from his house in Cohodar Mahala.

“I was at the gate of my yard watching the murder of Nasuf Puris. I saw two uniformed persons with rifles. I had never seen them before. They entered the Puris yard. I heard him say ‘No, no, no.’ I heard a gunshot after that,” Stojanovic said.

Stojanovic said some time later he saw a man asking one of the soldiers why they were killing innocent civilians.

“The soldier hit him, loaded him into a car and drove away...Then I went closer to see if there were any survivors. A man was lying in the yard, while his wife was on the stairs. I went to Ramiz Kreko’s house and opened the door...I saw a woman, who was lying there with two small children. An old grandma was sitting on the side, next to the staircase. She was shot,” Stojanovic said.

Stojanovic said he had known Fundup his whole life. He said the defendant wasn’t one of the soldiers who attacked his neighbours in Cohodor Mahala.

“I am willing to undergo a polygraph test, because I am sure he didn’t do it,” Stojanovic said.

Testifying as a defense witness at today’s hearing, Safet Djedovic said his father told him their neighbours, the Fundups, saved the female members of his family.

“The male members fled, while the women, who stayed behind, went to Slavko Fundup, Radoman’s father. Other neighbours wanted to kill them, but Andja and Slavko saved them,” Djedovic said.

The trial will continue on October 5.
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