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16 October 2014

Defendant Issued Licenses in Municipal Office

Albina Sorguc BIRN BiH Sarajevo

At the trial of Indira Kameric for crimes committed in Bosanski Brod, the witness for the defence said that the defendant issued him with licenses in the municipal office in Bosanski Brod between April 12 and late June 1992.

Resad Bundavica said that he was driving passengers on a bus between Tuzla and Vienna, and that he was issued with a license for the transport of passengers in Bosanski Brod once a week by the defendant in the municipal office.
“I went there every week. There was a bridge in Brod. I had to have a license in order to cross the bridge to the Croatian side. I went to the municipal office to get that license. The watchmen referred me to a certain woman. He said her name was  Indira,” said the witness.
After describing the person who issued him licenses, the witness recognised the defendant in courtroom.
“She was a bulky, younger person, she had curly black her, she was around 30. I remembered her because she wore her hair up. She had glasses when she was issuing me the license, she wore civilian clothes,” the witness said.
Kameric has been charged, as member of the 101st Bosanski Brod Brigade of the Croatian Defence Council, with participating in physical and mental torture between April and October 1992, as well as inhuman treatment of Serb and Bosniak civilians and prisoners of war in the police station and at the Polet stadium in Bosanski Brod.
At the same hearing, Branimir Aleksandric presented the findings and opinion of a group of experts on the health of witness Hazba Nukic.
Aleksandric, who presented the findings and opinion at the request from the prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, said that Hazba Nukic was examined on January 30, 1998, in Belgrade, and that a team of doctors had insight into her medical documentation.
“On the skin of the upper lip they observed a gray-white scar that was inflicted with a blunt object. She had a gray-white scar on her left toe, inflicted by a sharp mechanical object. She underwent a neuro-psychiatric evaluation and it was established that she showed all the elements of a chronic post-traumatic stress disorder and depression,” said Aleksandric.
Nukic said at the trial of Indira Kameric on March 20 this year that she was beaten and sexually abused at the stadium, where Indira was present, who “slapped her twice”.
The trial is set to resume on October 23.
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