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5 September 2006

Damjanovic was "source of fear"

New prosecution witnesses have spoken of the torture of detainees in Planjina kuca camp.
Another two prosecution witnesses in the case against Dragan Damjanovic, who is charged with war crimes committed in Vogosca, have stated that they were more afraid of him than of any other solider while detained in Planjina kuca camp.

Witness Esad Sehic said that none of the detainees from Planjina kuca dared look at Damjanovic, who often took them as forced labour, "because of fear".
"Damjanovic had a beard and cockade. He was scary. He beat all of us," Sehic said.
Witness Omer Cerimagic, a former detainee, claims that at one time he had to accompany Damjanovic during battle.
"I had to follow Damjanovic during the entire attack and carry ammunition, while shooting came from everywhere," Cerimagic said.
Cerimagic said that while he was detained in Planjina kuca, the camp was visited by Momcilo Mandic, the then Republika Srpska justice minister, accompanied by a TV crew.
"Before their arrival they told us not to talk much and that they would only record living conditions in Planjina kuca," the witness said.
In mid July, the Bosnian court confirmed an indictment against Mandic, in which it claims that "in accordance with his position" he was responsible for the operation of all correction facilities that operated in the area at the time. The indictment alleges that Mandic was "directly superior and responsible" for supervising the management of those institutions which "had all characteristics of detention camps".
The trial will continue on September 5, 2006.
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